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Machine Knives - Circular Blades

Manufacturers and suppliers of Machine Knives - Industrial Blades - Hand Knives - Scissors

Our range of Circular Knives is large and comprehensive and includes:

Circular Dished Knives

Our stock includes many of the popular sizes for example:-

  65 x 40 x 1mm
  90 x 60 x 1.20mm
  108 x 65 x 1.20mm
  110 x 75 1.20mm
  130 x 80 x 1.50m
  150 x 80 x 2.50mm
  200 x 80 x 4mm

This is just a small selection of the knives we keep in stock both single and double bevel. We also supply Top Knife Holders and stock many of the garter springs used with dished knives.

Bottom Cutters & Multi Knife Blocks

Used in conjunction with dished knives these knives are made purposely harder than dished knives, dished knives being the consumable item. Bottom cutters are usually made to order (although we do keep stocks of some of the popular sizes) as they last a long time especially if ground correctly. We also supply bottom cutters with multiple cutting edges – known as multi knife blocks. These can be in one piece or split to facilitate easy fitting and removal from the shaft. We also supply hardened spacers made to order.

Crush Cutters

We hold in stock most of the popular sizes of crush cutters to suit both European and U.S.A type holders. The two most popular sizes being 77 x 19 x 6.35mm and 77 x 22 x 6.20mm. These cutters can also be supplied slotted to create a perf wheel.

Tube Cutters

We have a large range of Tube Cutters for cutting most types of tube i.e. cardboard and plastic. These knives usually work in pairs or in larger sets where the diameters of the knives have to be identical. These knives are usually between 1-3mm thick and up to 180mm in diameter.

Log Saw Blades

We keep many of the standard sizes in stock to suit most machines i.e. Perini, PCMC, MTC and Bretting. Chrome Vanadium CV1.2235 has largely been replaced by High Carbon / High Chrome CV1.2379 and for those customers who require High Speed Steel 1.3343 blades can be made to order.

Stock Sizes of Log Saw Blades

Diameter  Bore      Thickness  Bevel
610 (24") 68.25mm (2 11/16”)
82.55mm (3 ¼”)
4.76 (3/16”)  240 (9”)
190 (7 ½”)
810 (32”)  60mm    6mm 240 (9”)
870 (36”) 60mm  6mm  245 (9”)
1000       60mm 8mm      320mm

For more information on our products or services please call: 0161 477 9993

Machine Knives - Industrial Blades - Hand Knives - Scissors
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